United Creatives is a multi award-winning design agency based in the good city of Manchester, England. As the name suggests we are a small group of designers, thinkers, artists and makers headed up by Creative Director Chris Edmunds.

With the common pursuit of creating beautiful, thought through and relevant graphic design we offer bespoke services for projects large and small in the fields of print, screen and spatial environment.

Collaborating closely with our clients our projects span the micro to the macro, from drinks labels to entire urban quarters, across the sectors of regeneration, food, drink, finance, property, fashion and the arts.

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In addition to our love for design for print which encompasses vintage letterpress, large format digital, sheet-fed litho, flexographic and silkscreen bench printing we also work with a broader set of mediums that sees us go beyond traditional paper and ink to challenge the role of the graphic designer within the public realm.

United Creatives have produced public art-based graphic design projects that have incorporated compressed concrete, kiln-fired vitreous enamel outdoor galleries, CNC-carved typography in stone, slate and sustainable timber, permanent graffiti presented on listed buildings, narratives cast in iron and laser-cut, illustrated corten steel.

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Our design approach has been greatly influenced by the early grounding in Dutch design of our Creative Director Chris Edmunds with an approach that is very much non-compartmentalised when compared to the English model. The translation of the English 'designer' into the Dutch is 'vormgever' which literally means 'form giver' a term that is not assigned to a given medium.

We call our approach to design 'environmental branding' which we believe truly pushes the role of the graphic designer within the built environment whilst in turn broadening our sensibilities for the printed page. The United Creatives business plan was written on a road trip between San Francisco, America and San Francisco, Guatemala.

Our Mission – Ultimately what matters is that all creative endeavour should act as a catalyst, in any way possible, with any means available, proving small contributions to a wider urge and movement for social change. A movement that will eventually bring about a re-evaluation of values whereby creativity and life are one - where labour, class divisions and all the other classificatory machinery of contemporary capitalism that makes slaves of us all are overturned in permanent revolution.