Mr. Black Wins Masters Design Award

August 1, 2016

Melbourne, Aus.

Judges found a model student on which to base their claims in the form of Design Master medallist Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur. Judges cherished the quality of the illustration, the phenomenal detailing on the label, and, of course, the discovery element of the owl image which is slowly revealed as the bottle empties. Tsui said: “Mr Black is setting a pace that the others need to follow. They need to be using design and branding to up their game.”

We approached Mr. Black as we would any design brief, with lots of questions. We envisaged the masculine personality of the bottle with its broad shoulders as an individual with the attention to detail, the monogram and the finishing as style accoutrements much as one would wear a pair of cuff links or adorn a pocket watch with a chain.