Gray Whale Gin

Golden State Distillery
Spirit Label Design

We were asked by the Golden State Distillery to design a new bottle for their first product.

Taking direct inspiration from their namesake, the Gray Whale that travels along the beautiful Californian coastline, we created a tail motif illustration that includes the 6 botanical stops along the way. Hand crafted from Californian botanicals, Gray Whale has all the flavour of the Golden State.

To achieve this fresh, oceanic design we decided to print direct to bottle, leaving the clean white line to stand out on the aquamarine glass.

Supporting Materials

In additional to the bottle, we also created designs for a one colour shipping case, an etched cocktail stirrer and decals for a VW camper van.

With the assistance from the two children of the Golden State Distillery founder, we also put together a collection of unique botanical illustrations that sit along side the rest of the design.