Three Horseshoes

James / Victoria Hadley
Brand Identity

We've worked for so many high-end bars and cocktail outfits that the challenge or designing a brand for a traditonal village pub was a real one. During our research we found out that the name of the Three Horseshoes, a common one, stems from the unions that were behind the farriers who serviced the horses who serviced the transport system back in the day. Of course the motorcar saw most of them off but the tradition is brought back to life here with a contemporary twist.

The oval form, synonymous with beer pump badges and brewery branding, is cut to convey a horseshoe shape within the main brand identity. The brand can be presented in a number of ways depending on whether the platform is large or small, the most decorative presenttation is intended for signage and wall murals with the smaller, paired-down version for digital media and second level branding.