Better Places Plymouth

Client: LDA Design / Plymouth City Council

Category: Pitch Design / Brand Identity / Environmental Branding

Working closely with landscape architects LDA Design we designed a robust project brand, a city scheme pitch and a website and public exhibition to communicate a major city centre renewal.

Better Places Plymouth is set to transform the very heart of the city centre, renewing and rejuvenating its open spaces and pedestrian areas in the lead up to the Mayflower 400 celebrations and beyond. The brand we created uses hatching associated with the practice of landscape architecture paired with a no-fuss, mid-Century sans typeface.


The Ocean City

Vibrant streetscapes and inviting public spaces will bring life, activity and commerce back to the city centre, making the area look and feel more attractive to shoppers and visitors. As the project moves forward United Creatives will be continuing its collaborations with the wider design team to introduce a series of environmental branding to add a fine grain detail to the landscape architecture.


Our environmental branding work starts with the public realm it will be set within, a process that seeks to echo the spirit of a place through new surface textures, public art, wayfinding and historic interpretation. The exercise starts with researching an area using the camera to take notes on  materials, typefaces and architectural styles relevant to an area and that can consequently be worked into a new scheme.