Compass Box Whisky Co.

Client: John Glaser

Category: Web, Trade Materials, Limited Editions

John Glaser, Founder of Compass Box Whisky was our first freelance client, he bought us our scanner which we still use, and worked from a bedroom in London and he in turn blended Scotch in his kitchen. Over a decade on we still work for Compass Box across a range of print, web and interior projects. We designed their website coordinating all of the photographic and video content with our creative partners visiting bottlers, cooperage, headquarters and warehouse alike.


The first Compass Box whisky called Hedonism was designed by ourselves which set out to rip up the fusty and traditional approach to whisky label design. Fast forwarding 15 years we more recently set out to design and programme a content-rich web experience across mobile and desktop which tells their rich story of the craft of whisky making and blending.


United Creatives also designed and created a staff manual for Compass Box in the form of a book which aids pitching, selling and the day-to-day business for what is fast becoming a global operation. Not all communication needs to be customer facing but these sometimes have equal if not greater importance.


Other projects have included many limited edition whisky labels as well as bespoke animations and cartography for events in Edinburgh and New York that detail where to buy Compass Box and where to Share and Enjoy.


We also have experience with creating designs for large format applications having created several three dimensional brand environments, most recently in the style of Compass Box's own tasting room recreated for their Whisky Paris Live stand.