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BrewDog PLC
Branding / Art Direction / Packaging

We created a label for a collaboration between the Weihenstephan and BrewDog breweries with inspiration taken from vintage boxing 'VS' posters with the two opposing brand colours changing with each new collaboration. We have also created designs for hundreds of thousands of cans and labels for a growing headliner and amplified range of beers together with the associated secondary packaging.

Secondary packaging with great shelf-call plays a large part in communicating the strength of the BrewDog brand and we have developed and refined a visual language over the many projects we have worked on including limited editions, in-bar signage, merchandise and other brand collateral.

A consistent visual style is important when you have 50+ bars and a growing range of products. Our outline designs are always future-proofed for growth and savvy to merchandise. Below are brand and product lock-ups as well as designs for neon signage and merchandise.