The Crossings

Client: Riverside

Category: Brand Identity / Interior Art / Signage

The Crossings is a homeless hostel and rehabilitation centre in Hull. After naming and branding the venture with an identity that also works for those who cannot read United Creatives devised the building signage, interior wall murals and branded courtyard for the new building.


United Creatives interviewed the residents of the hostel with the resultant narrative edited, typeset and then CNC carved into the form a large format wall mural made from ordinated strand board. The narrative of questions and answers about homelessness forms an icebreaker and discussion point within a public-facing café. The carved installation is complimented by a ‘Growing Gallery’ of resident photographs, cost effective chemist prints each framed in a bespoke letterpress printed frame.


The courtyard form work was laid out using the brand identity which was set in two colours of resin-bonded gravel. When the wider area is viewed from above it is easy to see why the brand name of The Crossings was finally decided upon although the name is also analogous with the crossroads in their lives that many of those who stay at the hostel are at.