Dodd’s Gin

The London Distillery
Drinks Branding / Label Design

We worked with The London Distillery to create their first brand Dodd’s Gin. Dodd’s has since grown to become a range of gins, with for example, a limited edition made with honey from the bees kept on the roof of the Piccadilly store Fortnum & Mason. The Dodd’s label has been voted one of the worlds five most beautiful gin labels with both design and brand promoting the collection of each edition.

The London Distillery Company is a boutique whisky and gin distillery based in Bermondsey. Incredibly, the company was first formed over 200 years ago, in 1807, by the brilliant, but relatively unknown engineer and serial entrepreneur Ralph Dodd. It's strange really, we all feel like we know him.


Creating a great design is one thing and yet it is only half of the battle. All of our design work seeks to endorse the finest quality printing and the labels for Dodd’s are hand printed on a vintage Heidelberg letterpress and foil stamping machine. The papers we use are all FSC certified from trust paper mills, the inks are vegetable-based and the wooden stoppers are sustainably sourced.

Supporting Materials

In addition to creating the drinks brand and designing the label set we have also provided a range of supporting materials such as secondary packaging and brand media kits. Colour variants in the shipper case design allow those working in a warehouse to quickly distinguish between boxes of six and boxes of twelve bottles.

The Bee Nice cards we designed contain wildflowers in their paper stock so that when the number has been entered into a mobile the cards can be planted or discarded in a garden thus giving back to the bees.