Duo Rum

Client: Brewdog Distilling Co.

Category: Brand Identity, Print Design

Born in Scotland, Blended in the Caribbean.

Designed to disrupt the category, Duo Rum is a bold new entry in to the world of rum that celebrates Scottish and Caribbean ingredients. Working with the BrewDog Distilling Co. we created a new brand identity, bespoke bottle and label set that is vibrant, contemporary and stands out amongst the competition.

3D product renders by Where Giants Roam

With its stubby shape and classic cork closure our bespoke Duo Rum bottle takes direct influence from antique rum glass. Working with Launch Packaging Design to help turn our 2D drawings and art direction into production-ready 3D models we added a contemporary edge through the use of a pyschedelic wavey pattern emboss. Designed to repeat seamlessly around the bottle and customised to meet specific glass moulding and bottle production specifications, the striking pattern makes refence to the ocean waves and the blending of liquids that make up this unique rum. 


With bright contrasting colours and a torn die cut edge running directly down the center, the Duo Rum labels are designed to communicate the duality of the Scottish and Caribbean ingredients - the melding of two different cultures and geographic locations.

The brand name is delivered center stage in large contemporary 3D-embossed letters, standing out on the shelf and creating an impactful and minimal design that feels unique in a category which often takes inspiration from vintage typography and intricate label design. Metallic foil touches add a premium feel whilst a bespoke illustration that plays with the concept of Scotland and the Caribbean adds an element of fun to the side of the bottle. 

3D product renders by Where Giants Roam