A Flock of Endangered Deckchairs

Client: The Natural History Museum

Category: Environmental Branding

1 Outdoor Space. 1 Natural History Museum. 100 Deckchairs. 100 Endangered Species. The ‘Flock of Endangered Deckchairs’ is a project aimed at creating awareness about the importance of biodiversity, centrally located within the main square at London’s Natural History Museum as a contemporary, education-based, eco-art project.


100 coloured canvas deckchairs, each beautifully printed with the image of an endangered species. Working with a wide range of experts, ornithologists, nature reserves and students, United Creatives and LDA Design have art directed and co-ordinated the visual content of the flock.


Each deckchair has The Natural History Museum logo stitched into the fabric and burnt into the wooden frame using a technique called pyrography.


With an aim to garner huge press and media interest the project sets out to highlight the importance of biodiversity. Our list of 100 animals, insects and plants are endangered or have severely reducing populations within the British Isles and may become extinct in the future.