Fords Gin

Client: Simon Ford

Category: Brand Identity / Label Design

Fords is a pretty young gin, English with an international footprint, what some may call a gin of the world. United Creatives designed a bespoke world map of gin featuring The Sea of Gin & Tonic and the Island of Juniper and combined this with the creation of a series of passport-style stamps communicating relevant information about the making. We drew our inspiration from the golden age of travel and Fords has since inspired it's own brand clothing range.


Finding A Starting Point

For us a great design brief can be a single idea that can be communicated in a single sentence. Simon Ford came to us with the knowledge that this gin would be made in London with Thames Distillers but that the botanicals would be sourced from the world over, it is this we worked to communicate.


The labels are designed and primed in a way that allows them to be taken off the bottle without tearing. This ensures that the designs on the reverse of the labels can be seen but also more importantly that the bottles can easily be reused or recycled.