Illustrated Park Gates

Client: Urban Splash

Category: Public Art / Signage

After the public had named New Islington’s waterpark ‘Cottonfield’ we set about designing a pair of illustrated gates for developers Urban Splash. As Lead Artists for the millenium village our brief was to clad the new steel structure designed by Grant Associates with a design that would carry and communicate the park name in an urban garden and marina setting.


Illustrated Coreten Steel

Opting for coreten steel for its warmth of colour (the steel oxidises, rusts and then stabilises) we drew the stages of a flowering cotton plant. We visualised this first in pencil, then Adobe Illustrator and finally CAD for laser cutting keeping our client in the loop as designs progressed. Synonymous with the history of the area and perhaps also the former Cardroom Estate the cotton plant is celebrated on this robust pair of gates which we produced and installed with our local steel workshop partners.