Toolkits for Landscaper’s

Environmental Branding / Graphic Design for Landscape Architecture

United Creatives specialise in collaborating with landscape architects to introduce artistic and visual themes to a given area or scheme. We call our applied design process and the resultant work ‘environmental branding’ which is a process of ensuring that visual motifs, wayfinding, public art and sense of place are both relevant and consistent.

Environmetal branding could be as simple as ensuring one typeface is used within a given public realm to aid legibility or it could be about establishing a specified set of materials or colours that span a unified design for print, marketing and landscape architecture scheme. Either way, it is about making a space the best it can be using specialist investgative design that takes into account heritage, community, local area branding and architectural style.

NOMA, Manchester

NOMA is situated in North Manchester and is the largest development in the North West. We have collaborated closely with our client Co-op and landscape architects Planit to create a design toolkit relevant to the area. The design motifs stem from our photographic research into the surrounding architecture which have then been illustrated and given new life in comtemporary designs manifesting themsleves as tree skirts, surface treatments, signage and the carved detail on street furniture.

Kings X Gasholder

Feix & Merlin
Public Realm

In response to an international competition with over eighty entrants we collaborated with architects Feix & Merlin to put forth ideas for a repurposed telescopic gasholder and its surrounding public realm at Kings Cross, London. After being shortlisted to a handful of applicants we further developed our ideas and were pleased to hear just how well the landscape proposals were received by the client. 

Much like design for print where parts of a design are embossed or debossed here we see elements of the graphic raising to form street furniture and other areas being sculpted to form water pools and paths. Designs were heavily based on Victorian patterns sourced from the year of the Great Exhibiton in 1851 which incidentally was the same year the gasholder was built. To us this is a prime example of how graphic design, environmental branding and landscape architecture can work together to create powerful responses to design briefs.

Chevron Cubes

Grant Associates
Street Furniture Design

Blurring the boundaries between new development and industrial community, not to mention gallery and streetscape, we designed a series of cubes for landscape architects Grant Associates. The Chevron Cubes work as a visual signature that helps fuse an industrial and a residential landscape at Middlehaven in Middlesbrough. To get the detailing of the overall cube design correct we first collaborated with a fabrication team on an MDF prototype.