The Savoy Songbook

Client: The Savoy

Category: Drinks Menu

Established in late Victorian times the American Bar at the Savoy was one of the earliest establishments to introduce American-style cocktails to Europe. Decorated in an art deco style and taking design cues from piano music books United Creatives designed the Savoy Songbook menu around a series of 20 illustrated cocktails which were introduced by an infographic spread communicating drink intensity and length.


As well as the Savoy Songbook, which took the form of a casesbound 64 page book printed in 5 colours, we also handcrafted and handmade over 100 drinks serves featuring the same art deco record motif as used on the cover.


The American Bar serves were handmade in polished black corian featuring the same art deco motif as the Songbook cover with the stylised record being a target area for the drinks to sit on. Carved and filled with white epoxy to echo the branding of pianos and other musical instruments each item went through six sanding and polishing stages before being delivered.