Slane Whiskey

Client: Slane Whiskey

Category: Print Design

The Slane Irish Whiskey distillery sits on the grounds of Slane Castle in the Boyne Valley, Ireland. Built in the late 18th century, the castle is more famous today for the outdoor rock concerts it has hosted since 1981 with artists such as U2, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen having performed there.

Keen to tap in to this rich musical history we created a fun and engaging tasting mat in the style of a 12-inch LP that will be used to lead whiskey tasting events and educate users on the history of Slane Irish Whiskey and the distillation process used to create it.


It was important to us to make the ‘LP’ look and feel as authentic as possible. Record labels based on historic designs contain info about the whisky and worn paper textures added to the outer sleeve and labels give the visual effect of a well-used record straight out of someones collection.

We also designed a set of unique symbols for the back of sleeve. Based on real audio symbols, these graphic devices contain info such as the ABV of the whiskey and ‘N51’ - the postcode of the distillery.