Tequila Cabeza

Client: The 86 Co.

Category: Drinks Branding / Label Design

Tequila is no longer about hideous hangovers and shots with lime and salt to take the flavour away. Cabeza is a brilliant agave-forward tequila designed for cocktails or sipping with our designs sourced largely from a sketchbook drawn up whilst on a road trip around Mexico.

The Vivanco family has been cultivating agave in the Los Altos region of Jalisco for five generations. They built their distillery, El Ranchito, on the edge of their 800 acre mountainside field in Arandas where they have been tequileros for three generations.


Tequila Cabeza combines images of worship and tequila making with Our Lady of Guadalupe making an appearance in the design, a religious icon revered in Mexico and whose apparition once appeared in an agave plant, the main ingredient in tequila making. When our labels are applied it's like a scene from Breaking bad.