Truthteller 1839

Client: Fox TV, Next Century Spirits

Category: Print Design, Label Design

Truthteller 1839 is a new bourbon whiskey inspired by the FOX TV show Monarch. Created in partnership with FOX TV and Next Century Spirits, our design for Truthteller takes inspiration from classic Americana and the world of country music in which the show is set. 


For the leading Truthteller 1839 typemark we took inspiration from the highly-detailed typography created by the Sanborn Map Co. in the 19th and 20th century. The horizontal hatching and wavy baseline that the Truthteller type sits on feature heavily in the design of these vintage American town maps, as well as some of the decorative linework and floral details that we featured on the label.


As a nod to the world of country and folk music that feaures heavily in Monarch we also designed a bespoke rosette for the label inspired by vintage acoustic guitars. Printed partly in gold foil, the rosette is used as a frame on the label, highlighting the secondary level of communication - straight bourbon whiskey.