Brewdog Distilling Co.

Brand Identity, Packaging, Art Direction, Bottle Design

Ellon, Scotland

Abstrakt Vodka was created to revolutionise a category inundated with minimal design and muted colours. To bring this vision to life, we developed a show-stopping brand that redefines the ordinary to create the extraordinary - the world of vodka reimagined.


Disrupting the vodka category started with a bold idea to create the new from the old. Inspired by this concept, we developed abstract patterns using torn crops of competitor brand logotypes.

These abstract collages form the vibrant heart of the brand, and are a visual expression of its mission to do things differently.


The distinctive aesthetic of abstract art formed the basis of our visual investigations and influenced everything from the collage artwork to the text-based label, which is inspired by the exhibition plaques that accompany artwork in a gallery setting.


Building on the theme of abstraction, we explored the use of geometric forms to subvert the shape of a cocktail shaker. The prismatic shapes that form the bottle's shoulders and punt were designed to refract light, directly altering the bar environments in which the bottle will be situated.

Our concept for the custom bottle design was realised with the help of Launch Design, who developed our 2D drawings into 3D files suitable for glass manufacturers. 


Included in the launch of the new brand are three flavoured editions, Watermelon x Strawberry, Raspberry x Lime and Marshmallow x Vanilla. To help distinguish these additional products we created three distinct colour pallets inspired by ingredients and flavour.

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