Public Art, Historical Interpretation

London, England

United Creatives worked closely with architecture practice Hawkins\Brown and Barratt Homes to create a large scale wall mural celebrating the life of Eugen Sandow, a bodybuilder and former World's Strongest Man (1889).


The Father of Modern Bodybuilding

Eugen Sandow was born in 1867 and was a pioneering bodybuilder who is now known as the ‘father of modern bodybuilding’.

As bodybuilding’s first superstar, Sandow claimed chocolate as the source of his strength. He built the original chocolate factory that stood on the Nestlé Factory site.

Sandow’s resemblance to the physiques found on classical Greek and Roman sculpture was no accident, as he measured the statues in museums and helped to develop ‘The Grecian Ideal’ as a formula for the perfect physique.


Referencing a wide range of vintage and period inspired graphic design, the mural was executed using a vector-based approach to illustration paired carefully with the architects drawings of the elevation.


By working closely with the architectural drawing, taking into account the brickwork, mortar courses, windows and floor levels, we have ensured that the artwork was interpreted as accurately as possible when translated into a 28 metre high mural.

As a piece of public art and local area interpretation seated in heritage-led design the artwork adorns a full ten storeys. The project was recently completed at the site of the former Nestle Factory in Hayes, West London and is viewable from the newly opened Elizabeth Line. We teamed up with Global Street Art Agency to deliver this project, who meticulously painted every vector asset onto the 450 meter square wall.

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